Therato Guest House gives you a home away from home feeling. It is sophisticated and clean. An inviting environment with spacious rooms, around the clock support for the needs of our clients, friendly and dedicated staff members catering to your every need. This is a welcoming place to have any event of your lifetime.

Therato Guest House offers their services continuously from the time you book-in up until you check-out. Safety and security is available around the clock.

Therato Guest House is a division of Therato Holdings (Pty) Ltd. The Holding company was Established in 2012 as a training company and was diversified in February 2016 to have a Guest house division with the purpose of providing accommodation for private and corporates visitors and Government sector clients in the Mother City. The idea came from many requests of people who needed accommodation during the holidays and church groups that needed conference facilities because we had a big house that was under- utilised. We identified a need that existed and an opportunity to fulfil the gap through a business of accommodation, conferencing and leisure.